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Over half of all workers are totally unprepared to quit work – financially that is.  However the picture is no longer quite as bleak as it used to be thanks to new research into alternative incomes.

technologyThe newest alternative income comes from technology – and is as rational as it is simple.  Computers have altered the way we work and play, and now even how we earn our money.  For years big mega companies that are so powerful they are called too big to fail, have been soaking their investors that were hoping to retire, to the point where retirement is almost impossible.  However, new technology allows workers to by-pass the middleman and keep all of the profits themselves. 

The Wall Street investment companies have a little secret that they don’t usually like to mention, and that is that three out of every four investments that they make are done by a computer or investment program.  Those programs can generate profits of 50 to 75% annually but after the sales people get paid, all the support staff, the corporate executives, and the stock holders all get their share, then if there is anything left, the lowly investor finally gets what’s left over.

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Logically, if the investor could go directly to the computer and skip paying corporate executives, he could do pretty well for his family with a lot less.  Those ‘Wall Street’ programs are pretty expensive and are designed for higher profits instead of safety.  The new programs for the home market are designed to place safety before profits but still manage a comfortable 12% and more annually.

These new passive income generators actually have averaged around 25% – providing you an annual income of around $25,000 or just over $2,000 a month when you start with only $100,000 in a broker account – compared to where a half a million would be necessary to get the same results from a Wall Street ‘too big to fail’ investment firm.

Using the same average as the passive income generators, one could start with as little as $5000 and simply add another $200 a month for 120 months or ten years, then ever after have a passive income of $1,000 a month.  The longer you wait to start taking your profits out, the more you will have each month when you do.  If you wait another 5 years as an example, your monthly profits would be around $5,000 or $60,000 a year.  That would be like having a job that you never had to go to but paid you $28.85 an hour anyway. 

Any of our software programs can be downloaded free of charge and without obligation, to be used on any demo account for as long as you wish. 

It’s always a good idea to practice trade before investing real money, and we make it very easy to do – all of our do-it-yourself investment tools are available for unlimited free trials.

In our parents generation, retirement meant that you were all worn out and of no more value to the company.  Today, with the help of computer technology, it’s no longer the person who is retired – it is instead the workers who ‘retire’ the company when it becomes of no more value to them.  Companies have replaced workers with technology, it now appears that worker can also replace their employment income from work with a self generating passive income. And it’s about time.  So why are you still working?


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