Universal Income

Universal Basic Income for All

– Elon Musk has suggested that we humans need a universal income as robots are taking over all of the jobs. Is that even possible?

Retired people have had an automated income for years and years, the problem is that we as a whole don’t know how to use the options that we have. Most people don’t even know that there are fully automated retirement systems beyond social security, ones designed to help the average family fully replace their work related income with passive ones.

Most think that a passive income sounds too good to be true and never give the subject any more thought, but the question remains, is it really too good to be true? And the answer is, not in today’s world. Robots are able to do much more than we think they are. We first hated automation as robots replaced humans on the job. Actually that would have been just fine with the replaced workers except that they needed the incomes that came with those jobs. If there was a way to automate incomes, then robotics could be a wonderful solution for everyone.

A lot of people today in their 40s and 50s are beginning to worry because they will be facing retirement with nothing but social security and maybe an old house, a bit run down but paid for – except for taxes, maintenance, insurance and utilities of course. Now the bad news, social security has as of 2011 already started paying out more than it has coming in, an event that was not supposed to happen until 2021 or later. Changes will have to be made if social security itself is to survive.

Create Your Own Automated Passive Income

The solution to those worries is to have an automated passive income from investments, just as retirees have been doing for years, noting that it would have to be automated for efficiency and safety. Since this capability does indeed exist, we do not need to provide a universal income for everyone. A software program that trades the forex market, designed for safety, and can make a 1% per month return – is one method whereby you can automate your income and take away much of the anguish that humans face with an uncertain future. You can try the PIG for free by visiting our software page.

We believe these new systems will change the way people retire. With an automated passive income, you can live anywhere you like, even on a boat in the middle of the ocean because there are on-line computers called VPS (virtual private servers) that allow you to run your programs 24/7 even when you are off line. Whenever you are in port or have access to the internet, you can log in to your VPS and see what is happening with your account.

Explore Alternatives

Now if that seems like too much trouble and you are willing to give up much of that interest, insurance companies offer annuities and there are different kinds of them to better suit the users needs. However, these end up to be pretty expensive because you don’t get your principle back, but the monthly payments keep coming until you and spouse are both deceased. Annuities are not really considered an investment in the conventional sense, an annuity is more like buying a fixed income. However, one benefit of an annuity retirement is that many beautiful and low cost countries require a provable income of a certain amount for you to enter and live under their pensioners programs. Age is not usually a factor and most accept annuity payments as provable income.

If parents would start one of the safer retirement programs for their children at birth, the kids could retire at age twenty with an income of their own and be free to take time to learn about art or paleontology or who and what we are all about. There are many things that we can’t do because we have to work for a living. If Elon can convince parents to begin a passive income program for their newborns, then maybe some day we could have a universal income for everyone.

Bob Llewellyn / The Forex-Assistant / 2017