Step By Step

 How To Proceed


Step 1 – make a plan - download the E-book RetirEASE

Decide what you need extra income for.  A person wanting to retire in 5 years will have very different needs than those young parents wanting to save for their newborn’s college fund.  

Whether you are nearing retirement with next to nothing in savings, or you are working day in and day out dreaming of escape, this book will ease the stress of how to move from an employment income to a stable passive one. It will explain step by step simple things that you can do right now to start funding your program, without taking anything away from your current comfort.

So if you are ready to get started replacing your current employment income with a passive one, then go ahead and download this book.

– It is my pleasure to be able to give this gift to you! I hope that this material will help you and your family begin a new future.

Step 2 – learn before you earn – download any of our software

You have a right to know how each program works, to see if it is right for you.  All of our systems come with a try before you buy policy.  Use any of our investment programs for as long as you like while you learn how it works, and when you’re ready to go live and begin making real money, we’ll be here.

Step 3 – spread your wings and fly – choose your program

When you’re ready to begin making real money instead of ‘monopoly money’, contact your broker and fund your account.  If you choose to use The P-I-G as your online investment tool, you can start with a minimum of just $5000 for a standard account. 

Additional monthly deposits add up quickly and the profits continue to grow year after year to the point where after 10 years, the monthly profits are so large they make your additional monthly deposits unnecessary. 

easy retirement plan from The Safe Investor

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You will then want to begin to look for other safe investments to put put your money into, it is always wise to diversify.  It is a good idea to keep up the habit of putting something back, and always living below your means. When your monthly profits are larger than your needs, you can move to paradise or do what ever it is that you have always wanted to do.  Cool

Step 4 – Live Happily ever after