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RISE is the safest investment software available for the world market.   

This state of the art software enables you to replace your investment manager.  Attach easy to use RISE to your broker account and watch your profits climb!  Don’t pay an investment manager whether or not he makes you a return – take the control and ensure yourself a good return.  RISE has been generating a profit on about 99% of its trades – while producing an average of 15% APR*.  Check out this first of its kind, fully automated, home investment program – for investors who utilize non-US brokers. 


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Stop paying someone else to handle your investments – too often they’re just losing your money anyway. With RISE in your portfolio, you keep more of your hard earned money!



With a small brokerage account and this cutting edge software, you can gradually and safely build your retirement fund!  This program is ideal for non-US citizens who are looking for a reliable return on investment.

Instead of paying an investment manager to handle your funds, take back the control.  It is now easier than ever to manage your own investing!

.It used to be that if you had money to invest you would give it to an investment manager to invest for you. Now we have robotic investment managers that virtually cut out the middleman, makes you an average of 12% apr, and is extremely safe and reliable.

Robots are designed to do tasks that people may not know how to do or may not want to do.  So cut out the middle man, keep more of your hard earned money – send RISE the investment robot to work for you today.  

Robots are used in a variety of ways to improve our lives.  They answer phones, assist in operating rooms, they dismantle bombs, and now they can even trade your investment accounts for you with mathematical precision.  RISE is the Almost Perfect Retirement Program

RISE is a fully automated investment program that generates an average of 12% per year return on your money. Ideal for today’s small money investor, or anyone looking for a reliable return.


Click below to build your retirement income safely and worry free!  Cut out the middle-man and keep more of your investment dollars!  RISE is now just $495.

Read on to discover how and why this impressive software program came into existence.

Not many of us like the idea of being too old and broken up to work and having to live on less than $1000 a month from the likes of Social Security. This is why the Forex-Assistant spent the last 5 years working full time to fix this problem once and for all. Technology to the rescue, the research team at the Forex-Assistant have developed a new type of investment robot called RISE (Retirement Investment Software) that would be able to bring money in for you consistently, so you won’t have to worry about making it yourself any longer.

When it comes to developing a program that you can trust, the Forex-Assistant team has succeeded in a most awesome manner. You wanted safety, and they did their utmost to design the system to be the absolute safest investment program available anywhere.

The Rise system truly is remarkable, as an example – it took over 3000 trades during the melt down of 2008 with just one loss for 8 cents, and even the situation that allowed that one loss has now been remedied.

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable retirement program for your family, you need to look no further, for RISE is now available for a price that your family can afford. The RISE investment robot is the one advancement in technology that honestly makes you far more money than it costs. To show their confidence in the programs’ abilities, there is an unlimited free trial. If you are familiar with the MetaTrader4 platform and wish to start your own demo, you will find instructions at the Forex-Assistant mt4 page.  

You will find that RISE is very easy to use software that enables you to manage your online investing. This expert advisor (EA) is very sophisticated trading software that is built upon a specific set of mathematical rules.  It can reside on your own computer or in a cloud.  It sits on a trading platform called the metatrader4 and when connected to your brokerage account it can implement your trades for you. RISE makes an average of just over 12% per year for you on your money. This EA is actually an ‘automated trading robot’ for the forex currency market, it watches the market for you and executes trades based upon predefined parameters. This type of trading strategy that is called the GoldenGrid was also created by the Forex-Assistant, and to date has been utilized by several different automated trading robots.

RISE the investment robot is a market specialist. RISE trades your account on the forex market with mechanical precision in such a way that it never loses in normal trading. It never tires either, working around the clock, RISE can do what no human has ever been able to do. So why pay a human to invest for you, RISE your investment robot will do it for you and more importantly, do it safely. RISE is a second generation program designed specifically for the every day investor. RoboMiner, RISE’s prototype, was one of the first successful mathematical trading systems ever created. No losses in over 3,000 trades, safer than stocks, more profitable than annuities which the system was made to compete with. RISE has proven itself to be a rock solid program suitable for developing a long term monthly income.

RISE operates on the foreign exchange currency market (forex). The forex market is in itself safer than most other investments because it exists to ease the transfer of money. There are no bubbles in the forex market, and because of its size no one can corner the market, neither is there a concern for liquidity. When you’re ready to close a trade or take money out of your investments, it happens immediately as the forex market is the most liquid market on the planet.

Since RISE averages 12% a year, even with a small starter brokerage account of just $5000, you would expect a return of around $600, and at just $495 for the software, RISE will pay for itself within its first year.

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Make your financial dreams come true by taking command of your financial destiny today with … RISE

RISE is available to run on your live trading account, for its lifetime, for a one time payment of just $495.

*** important information about your purchase ***

Following your purchase, you will be provided with instructions on how to immediately download your software. RISE is an expert advisor (EA), in ex4 format, therefore it requires that you have MT4, and a trading account with a forex broker of your choice (noting that it will not work with US brokers). Be sure to provide us with your live account number. We also need the referral ID of the person who referred you.

Click here to visit The Forex-Assistant for detailed information on why RISE can not be used on a US brokerage account.


Special Note:  traditional forex trading can involve a risk of loss even beyond your initial deposit, therefore it may not be suitable for all investors, and you should make sure you understand the risks involved, seeking additional independent advice if necessary.




* past performance is no promise of future results – always be sure that you understand the risks involved in any type of trading or investing