for today’s smart investor.


We all know that robots are designed to improve our lives, and in this case the robots – or trading software – can even trade your investment account for you!  Automate your investing, then sit back, relax a little, and watch more profits roll in!


Put More Profit In Your Pocket … with income producing software!

The PIG - Passive Income Generator

Just like you can replace your tax preparer with tax software like TurboTax – you can now replace your investment manager with investment software like The Passive Income Generator. 

It used to be that if you had money to invest, you would give it to an investment manager.  Now there are robotic investment manager that cuts out the middleman, thereby putting much more profits with you where they belong.  Test out this program for yourself, free of charge, click here now to get The P-I-G.  See for yourself how this amazing software has been generating a reliable 20% a year.  Can your investment manager do that?!  Consider this fully automated, no-loss, home investment program for your own family’s retirement needs. 

By the way, The Passive Income Generator works on all US brokers as it was developed specifically for US investors.

retirement investment softwareIf you live outside the US, and want a solid return on your investment – average twelve percent with RISE.

Retirement Investment Software enables you to replace your investment manager.  Attach this easy to use software to your broker account and watch your profits climb!  Don’t pay an investment manager whether or not he makes you a return – take the control and ensure yourself of a good return on your investment.  RISE wins more than 99% of its trades.  Check out this first of its kind, fully automated, no-loss, home investment program – specifically for non-US investors.


Note that we have a try before you buy policy.  You can test out any of these software programs, for as long as you like, without cost or obligation!