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The PIG - Passive Income Generator



Just as you would use a tax preparation program like TurboTax to replace your tax preparer, you can use The PIG to replace your investment manager.



This state of the art software has been generating a profit on about 99% of its trades – while producing an average of 15% APR* – can your investment manager do that?!

Over 15% and no losses, what investment manager can say that. Consider this fully automated, no-loss, home investment program for your own family’s retirement needs. The Passive Income Generator works on all US brokers, as it was developed specifically for US investors.

It used to be that if you had money to invest you would give it to an investment manager to invest for you. Now we have robotic investment managers that virtually cut out the middleman, makes you an average of 15% APR – and compared to other types of investment programs, is extremely safe and reliable.

The PIG is simply the best passive income generator available.

For 1 week only April 15 through April 22. 2017  SAVE $100 – this applies to both new and add on accounts!!!


cut out the middle man with investment tools from The Safe Investor

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Stop paying someone else to handle your investments – too often they’re just losing your money anyway. With The P-I-G in your portfolio, you gobble up profits – and keep more of your hard earned money!

ACT FAST – purchase The PIG now for just $395.

The Passive Income Generator is easy to use software that attaches directly to your trading account with your broker. This is important to note: your money stays under your control, we never have access to your financial account. It is simply software that generates the trades for you instead of you having to pay your investment manager to do it for you – thereby putting more profit in your pocket by cutting out the middle man! Once you purchase The PIG, and are ready to get started generating passive income, it is recommended to fund your accompanying broker account with a minimum of $5000 – then sit back and watch The PIG generate an average of 15% annually for you!

* past performance is no promise of future results – always be sure that you understand the risks involved in any type of trading or investing