Robotic Investing


The Future of Retirement Income

This ebook “Robotic Investing” contains an overview of automated trading on the forex market. 

Welcome to the 21st century where robots begin to play a more intricate part in our lives. Many have made the mistake of trying to teach computers to trade like humans. To enable robots to take their place as an effective and low cost alternative to the big name investment companies, a system of trading had to be created that takes advantage of the robots strengths and avoids their weaknesses.

Systemic trading is a subset Robotic Investing coverof fundamental trading and is both logical and rational. What is most interesting is that as we learn the fundamentals that is used by the various systems, we are getting a sound understanding of the market and what makes it tick. These insights will carry over into standard fundamental trading as well as technical trading and other investments concepts as well.

‘Robotic Investing – The Future of Retirement Income’ is recommended for investors that wish to understand how their robots work, for beginning traders wanting a good foundation from which to build their new vocation, and even for the experienced trader wanting to familiarize themselves with the fundamental side of trading.

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